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The Tale Behind


Goats have a story.


Goats are well known for eating anything in their path. You name it, we've heard it. Garbage, clothing, shoes, cardboard, even tin cans. This idea has become entrenched in popular culture with many books, songs, and internet articles touting the peculiar appetite of goats. HOWEVER, did you know that this is actually a myth?


In reality, goats are naturally much more selective, resourceful, and nutritious eaters. In fact, goats are pretty mindful when it comes to food and usually go after the most nutritious options available to them. The only exception to this is when goats are in an environment where there isn’t adequate food, in which case, they may resort to less typical sources of grub. (Just like humans...right?)

The reason goats got the reputation for, quite literally, eating trash, is because they are very curious animals. They tend to inspect new things with their mouths, much like children do. But, we wouldn't really recommend it. It's a great way to get a splinter, not so much vitamin D.


The point here is: we know that you, too, have a story. You’re more than the health report you get from your doctor. You’re more than your BMI, your A1C, your cholesterol, and your blood pressure. Numbers don’t define you; nor do stereotypes. At The Healthy Goat, we know that, because we can relate to being misunderstood. Let us help you find your path to wellness, because we care. We promise you’ll never feel judged.

Goats are well rounded.


Did you know that goats have incredible balance?


Goats are mountain animals, so they’re very good at climbing. Their impressive agility and balance allows them to survive in precarious rocky habitats, and even climb trees. (Those pictures you saw on Facebook of goats in trees weren't Photoshopped: MIND BLOWN).


Balance is important in all things, but especially in health and wellness. Finding balance in your health journey is very important to us here at The Healthy Goat.

Goats are unique.

We don’t have to explain how goats are unique, but how is that relevant in the health and wellness field?


The status of health in the United States and across the world continues to decline. Although health and wellness is a huge field in the marketplace, we still continue to have serious issues. Here at The Healthy Goat, we want to approach things a little differently, because normal is boring. But also because, the status quo obviously isn't working.

Goats are FUN.

Seriously, tell us you can look at a picture of a goat and not smile.

The one thing we are very serious about here at The Healthy Goat is having a good time. Yeah, we aren't kidding. The #1 ingredient to success when it comes to healthy living? Making it a positive experience. Too many of the popular diets out there are way too intense, only leaving you feeling guilty and disappointed at the end of the day. But healthy living isn't meant to be stressful, torturous, and horrible. Spoiler alert: we aren't about that life. WE CAN'T EVEN. Throw away those diet books that just left you feeling crumby, and let us help you find your path to wellness. Our goal is to help you make it both a positive and rewarding experience. Because it should be.


P.S. Did you know that according to Ethiopian legend, goats actually discovered coffee?!?! Because honestly, that's enough for us to start worshipping goats right now.


Inspired yet? Get your goat on!

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